Welcome to AirHamLog

AirHamLog is a modern logging software for amateur ham radio operators.
The software works inside your browser, making it possible for you to use with any device connected to the internet.
AirHamLog currently supports Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, and Android that works with modern browsers.


  QSL Card Output
AirHamLog has ability to export QSL cards as PDF files. You can Print them out and send them to bureau. Makes your ham radio life smart & simple.
  Cloud Data Storage
All of your log data is stored on the cloud, which make it possible for you to access the same log from your PC, Smartphone, and so on.
  Mobile Friendly
User interface of AirHamLog is designed to be mobile friendly. We support not only Windows / MacOS, but also iOS and Android.
  Free Usage
You can start using AirHamLog for free today. All the basic logging functinos are available. For advanced users, we prepare paid plans as well.
  Robust Security
All the traffic used in AirHamLog is secured with SSL data encryption. Your ham logbook is secured with encrypted data storage.
  SNS Login
If you already have a Facebook / Google / Twitter account, you can use these services to login to AirHamLog. No need for a new ID / Password.
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About the Developer

Hello, I am Kimiyasu Morikawa (JJ1SXC), the developer of AirHamLog. I'm a ham radio operator myself and based in Tokyo, Japan.
When I first started this hobby in 2017, I recognized that there were few logging tools available for my environment, macOS and mobile.
In addition, I was looking for a logging tool to enjoy QSO from outdoor situations.
There were some solutions around and I tried them, but none of them seemed to be the killer tool for me, so I created one myself.
After I launched this application in August 2019 (initially for Japanese users), over 2000 users were using AirHamLog by the end of the year.
I hope this tool can empower your ham radio life! Please feel free to contact me from the Forum!
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